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Wall Decals

Wall decals are a great way to change the tone of a vertical space without painting or hanging anything. They're easy to remove, too. These are all available on etsy. The one above can be bought here. These next two can both be found here and here, on Popwall's etsy store. They're clearly the same decal in different colors, but just that change, the placement, the color of the wall behind it, and the placement make a big change in how they look.

There's also a more whimsical choice.

Or something with more of an old fashioned feel.

If you want to decorate your kid's wall using Wall Decals or even add some fun images to your man cave you can create your own fabric wall decals easily and pretty inexpensively using cotton fabric, iron-on adhesive sheets, and a clothing iron.

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The Frequent Peacock is a collection of peacock-themed images. It is dedicated to Julie Lively, to whom I sent images of peacocks for over a year before starting this blog, all because of her love for the creature. More here. If you would like to share peacock images, please send them to alyssum(dot)pohl(at)gmail