the Frequent Peacock

Vince Noir


in the mirror ball suit.
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Handmade Peacock


Another view of Tamar Mogendorff's creation, I think. Seen on Design*Sponge, Jen Mankin's home.
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Kenwick Castle


What's a castle without peacocks?
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Calligraphic Peacock

And a parrot!
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We're all so familiar with this logo that sometimes it doesn't even register as a peacock. It's looked like this since 1986, but before that, it looked like this

and before that (1957-61) it looked like this.

Before that, there was no peacock at all. The peacock was introduced to indicate the increased color programming on the NBC network. Read more here.
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Found this little gem a few days ago, walking around Boulder with my sister. You kind of have to use your imagination.
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I was recently at Elevation, a tribal bellydance workshop weekend in Golden Colorado where I was introduced to many dancers I didn't know before. One of these troupes was Sadiqa (whose logo incorporates the lovely peacock feather). I really enjoyed their fluid and playful style. So, I'm sharing them with you.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania dance troupe Sadiqa (Kari Merlina and Joanna Abel) brings its own innovative sense of Middle Eastern Dance to the stage. Their unique approach to this ancient artform is a fusion of traditional and contemporary movement complimented by a variety of music whether live or recorded. Their elegant and fluid dancing combined with sharp, defined movement shows this duos precision and charm.

Photos and logo credit: WDO Photography
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The peacocks on the wall almost disappear amongst the floral wallpaper, like the girl disappearing in her cowl.
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1930's Statuaries


This is a clip from the movie Chaplin, about Charlie Chaplin's life. The peacocks sit on the mantle behind a Nazi visiting L.A. and all the stars there. Charlie has the pleasure of insulting the Nazi.
"I don't shake hands with Nazis"
"What problem do you have with us?"
"What problem do you have with everybody else?"
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White Peacock


White peacock at a barn where one of my veterinarian friends, Jessamyn Kennedy, works.
Photos by Jessamyn Kennedy DVM
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Truly Beautiful


Sometimes we must take time and focus on the truly beautiful things in life for they may easily pass us by in this fast paced world.

(Photo and words thanks to Silvio Wolf Busch)
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Wall Decals


Wall decals are a great way to change the tone of a vertical space without painting or hanging anything. They're easy to remove, too. These are all available on etsy. The one above can be bought here. These next two can both be found here and here, on Popwall's etsy store. They're clearly the same decal in different colors, but just that change, the placement, the color of the wall behind it, and the placement make a big change in how they look.

There's also a more whimsical choice.

Or something with more of an old fashioned feel.
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The Frequent Peacock is a collection of peacock-themed images. It is dedicated to Julie Lively, to whom I sent images of peacocks for over a year before starting this blog, all because of her love for the creature. More here. If you would like to share peacock images, please send them to alyssum(dot)pohl(at)gmail