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Ziegfeld girl, Rose Dolores


from Crashingly Beautiful:

Rose Dolores, Ziegfeld girl in peacock plume dress with feathers spread out

Photograph by Alfred Cheney Johnston, 1920s

From the Library of Congress website: Always known simply as “Dolores,” she became one of the most famous of Ziegfeld’s show girls, appearing in editions of his Follies and Midnight Frolics. She is one of many Ziegfeld girls photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston. This photograph is particularly significant as a record of a spectacular design. It was in the Frolics that Dolores wore this white satin costume with pearls and an enormous fan towering over her statuesque figure.

Image Source: Flickr

(Thank you, themagiclantern & classicfilmheroines & )

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Valery Lorenzo

C Plume by Valery Lorenzo
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Gertrude Hoffman

This is Gertrude Hoffmann as the White Peacock. Photo (or costume?) by Maurice Goldberg. Circa 1920
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Interesting Taxidermy

This use of fabric within the taxidermy is ingenious.

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Half Albino Peacock

"The colors in the feathers of a bird are determined two factors: pigment and structure. For example, the green in some parrots is a result of yellow pigments over blue-reflecting feathers. In the case of a white peacock, its unusual lack-of-color is due to a missing pigment. This missing pigment is dark and absorbs incident light, making diffracted and interference light visible (i.e. common peacocks). The effect is similar to that of oil on water."
As quoted on Treehugger.
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Ornamental Hosiery


Wow, these are so fun! I wish I could find a pair these days. I wonder what color they were.
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Print Gallery


You can buy this freakishly amazing print for $270 here.
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Playing Dress-Up

Who is dressing up as whom?
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Emma Hack


Incredible wallpaper designer Emma Hack has painted this lady painstakingly to mesh into her wallpaper design. More here.
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La Escuela de Las Montañas

This peacock was painted on the outside wall of the school I was at this summer in Guatemala near Colomba, Guatemala.

And this quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala.
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Lettered Peacock


from Bembo's Zoo
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Los Baños de Almolonga


Mural painted as you enter the hot springs baths of Almolonga, Guatemala.
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The Frequent Peacock is a collection of peacock-themed images. It is dedicated to Julie Lively, to whom I sent images of peacocks for over a year before starting this blog, all because of her love for the creature. More here. If you would like to share peacock images, please send them to alyssum(dot)pohl(at)gmail