the Frequent Peacock

Dedicated to Julie Lively

My dear friend Julie Lively is inspired, as many are, by the peacock. I started to send her images of peacocks over a year ago, whenever I came across them. "Peacock of the Day" was always my subject title. They are more prevalent than I would have thought, or at least now that I have an eye for catching glimpses of them, I appreciate the beautiful bird all the more. I am beginning this blog to share the beauty of peacocks with everyone. I hope you enjoy. If you have images to share, please do! Credits are appreciated.

Melissa Smyth and Julie Lively as peacocks for Rakadu's Green Tara piece.

Oh! Thank you so much! I think this was my most favorite peacock piece. What a fabulous idea to have a blog in honor of the peacock. Wonderful!

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The Frequent Peacock is a collection of peacock-themed images. It is dedicated to Julie Lively, to whom I sent images of peacocks for over a year before starting this blog, all because of her love for the creature. More here. If you would like to share peacock images, please send them to alyssum(dot)pohl(at)gmail